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You’re dealing with the fact you have cancer and will go through Chemotherapy treatments, this information is enough to handle and the last thing you want to worry about is how to keep your hair. Wishcaps has made the dream of keeping your hair a reality through the use of Cold Cap Therapy; it’s changing the face of chemotherapy induced hair loss. We are located in the Greater Houston area, but serve our customers nationwide.

About Wishcaps

How do Wishcaps work?
Vasoconstriction, this means when a patient is wearing a Wishcap that is cooled to a very low temperature (approximately -32 degrees C), the blood vessels that would normally carry the harmful drug agents to the scalp area become constricted and are now unable to damage the hair follicles. Every hair on the body grows out of a hair follicle. Small blood vessels in the scalp supply the cells of the hair follicles with food and oxygen, and carry away waste products. Any chemotherapy drugs in the bloodstream will also be carried to the hair follicles. When blood vessels in the scalp are cooled they become smaller, so less blood flows through them. Cooling the scalp during chemotherapy means that less of the chemotherapy drug reaches the hair follicles, so the hair is less likely to fall out.

What are Cold Caps?
Cold caps are a therapy method of scalp cooling. A specially designed Elasto-Gel™ hypothermia cap made of a glycerine-based gel that maintains its suppleness (or flexibility) even at temperatures of -20° to -30°C. The cover material is a water resistant stretchable fabric. The chin strap assures good position maintenance.

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We highly recommend that you go through the information in the links we have provided. Unlike United States, Scalp Cooling technology is covered by insurance in Europe. Hence a majority of the clinical studies on this topic have been conducted there. However, Scalp Cooling is gaining popularity in U.S.A. as well and we expect several new studies to be released in the near future. In this section we have provide links to important articles and resources that will give you an insight to this technology.




I had chemo for 11 months and have successfully kept my hair. My body hair and eyebrows are gone. The key is getting the caps cool the night before with dry ice. I start scalp cooling about 45-60 minutes before infusion, during infusion and about 4 hours or more after. I have Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.

Lindsay, FL

I used the cold caps on my third round of chemo after having lost my hair during the second round. I had Adriomicin & Cytoxin 4 dose dense cycles. And I have definite thinning, but plenty left, you cannot tell I even had chemo.


Perfect caps for cold cap therapy if you desire to keep your hair through chemo. Affordable and so worth the 20 sec freeze sensation from using dry ice.

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